Maskless Man Walking At Tesco With White HSO Bracelet?

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A man was just spotted walking in Tesco Peringgit Melaka, completely maskless and wearing what appears to be a white HSO bracelet!

Updated @ 2020-01-08 : The man is a dialysis patient, and that is not a HSO Bracelet. More details below…

Updated @ 2020-01-10 : Updated with the official statement from Tesco Malaysia.


Maskless Man Walking At Tesco With White HSO Bracelet?

A netizen spotted this man walking around Tesco Peringgit Melaka, completely maskless and wearing what appears to be a white HSO bracelet!

NOT A HSO Bracelet : It’s An AVF Label

Although we earlier believed that it could be another example of a home quarantine flouter, we can now confirm that the man was NOT wearing a HSO bracelet.

He is a dialysis patient, with a bracelet telling healthcare professionals that he has a left arteriovenous fistula.

This is therefore another misunderstanding, just like the case of a man getting his antibody test.

Here is a close-up photo of his bracelet, shared by someone working at Tesco Peringgit Melaka.

Tesco Peringgit Melaka man Left AVF bracelet

As you can see, it states LEFT AVF, instead of the place and date of COVID-19 testing, as a real HSO bracelet would show (see below).

No Face Mask!

Since 1 August 2020, everyone in Malaysia is required to wear a face mask in public, including inside public transportation, and wherever social distancing is impossible.

Those who flout this mandatory face mask rule is subject to a fine of RM 1,000.

While the netizen who took this picture said that the man was walking out of the cafeteria, that is not an excuse for not wearing a face mask.

That said, the man could just have forgotten to put on his face mask after eating.


Tesco Malaysia On Maskless Man Wearing White Bracelet

On 8 January 2021, Tesco Malaysia issued this statement on the viral video of the maskless man wearing a white bracelet at their Peringgit Melaka mall :


What Is A HSO Bracelet?

Every person under quarantine – officially HSO (Home Surveillance Order) – must wear a bracelet, which can be white, red, yellow, blue or pink in colour.

The bracelet will state the place and date of testing. The individual wearing it cannot remove the bracelet, and must stay at home until the quarantine period is over.

While those wearing a HSO bracelet are not necessarily COVID-19 positive, they are potentially infected. Hence, they are not allowed to leave their house quarantine.

House Surveillance Order HSO bracelet notice

The bracelet can only be cut by authorised officers at the District Health Office, after the wearers have completed their quarantine.

The Malaysia Ministry of Health has called for the public to report those who are seen in public with these quarantine bracelets.

But note that some may have legitimate reasons to be out, like getting an antibody test.


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