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Tesco New Year Scam : Do NOT Click Or Share!

The Tesco New Year Scam has gone viral on WhatsApp, trying to cheat people with its fake claim of giving away free gift cards!

Do NOT click on the message, and do NOT forward it! Just delete it, and WARN YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!


Tesco New Year Scam : Do NOT Click Or Share!

People are sharing this Tesco New Year promotion that claims to offer a gift card valued up to RM1000, but it is really just a SCAM!

Please do NOT click on the message, or forward it to anyone. Just delete it and warn your family and friends!


Why This Tesco New Year Offer Is Just A Scam

Let us show you why this Tesco New Year gift card offer (and similar offers) is just a scam.

If you spot any of these warning signs, BACK OFF and DO NOT PROCEED!

Warning Sign #1 : Bad Grammar

Most of these Tesco gift card scams have bad grammar (example #1, example #2), which is a big clue that this is not a genuine Tesco offer.

In this example, they capitalised TESCO and use the grammatically incorrect “win up to RM1000 Tesco Gift Card!

Warning Sign #2 : Offering You Free Money Or Gifts

Please don’t be naive. Tesco isn’t going to give you FREE money, just because it’s the new year, or their anniversary.

They are a corporation whose business is to make money, not a charity to give you free money.

Warning Sign #3 : Not Using The Real Tesco Domain

A genuine Tesco Malaysia campaign would use the real Tesco Malaysia domain –

Or they would run it off the official Tesco Malaysia page on Facebook –

This scam is using a domain – which is not something any genuine company would do.

Warning Sign #4 : Asking You To Share On WhatsApp

No brand will insist that you must share the offer with 5 groups or 20 friends on WhatsApp.

Do not click to forward their offer to your family and friends. They will not appreciate being scammed with your help!

Warning Sign #5 : Asking You To Download + Register An App

If you click through and joined the fake survey scam, you will eventually be asked to download and register for an app.

That is VERY DANGEROUS. Never agree to download and register for any unknown app from a website.

Always download your apps from an official App Store like Google Play Store (for Android smartphones) and Apple App Store (for iPhones).


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