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We apologise for the recent server issues. Even though we migrated The Rojak Pot to a new server just 9 months ago, it looks like we have already outgrown it! We will have to temporarily put our galactic conquest on hold until our server upgrade is complete. 😀

The Rojak Pot Server Upgrade In Progress

Since we rebooted The Rojak Pot 9 months ago, we have seen our Alexa global rank jump from almost 1.2 million to just 298,386! That is all thanks to you, our 600K readers.

Our new SSD-cached server originally served both Tech ARP and The Rojak Pot, but the massive traffic on both websites caused our new server ran out of memory and crashed several times. So on January 3, 2016, we gave each site its own server.

Now, it’s time to upgrade The Rojak Pot to a new faster server with full SSD storage. However, this will mean we have to take The Rojak Pot out of commission for an hour or so.

We apologise for the inconvenience while we get both Tech ARP and The Rojak Pot faster servers. Then we can resume our galactic conquest! 😀

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