The Syrian Barrel Bomb Girl [Disturbing!]

WARNING : This post contains disturbing pictures of a critically injured child. 

Children Being Kidnapped For Organ Harvesting?

As we have seen earlier with suicide victims and even Queen Elizabeth II, any picture can be misappropriated to serve someone’s own agenda. That is why you should never believe everything you read online without first verifying the facts. Here is a recent example using the jarring image of a girl who was ripped into pieces.

The Syrian Barrel Bomb Girl

It is being circulated online as an example of Israeli brutality. Where and how this happened is never explained. Only that the little girl was critically injured by Israeli shelling.

The same little girl appears in this recent post about children being kidnapped in Malaysia for organ harvesting by a gang from Thailand.

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Obviously, none of that is true…

The Syrian Barrel Bomb Girl Is Bashar al-Assad’s Fault

Take a good, hard look at these incredibly revolting pictures of a little girl who was ripped to pieces by a barrel bomb explosion. This little girl lives in Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, where anti-Assad forces hold sway. Bashar al-Assad’s forces attacked Aleppo in October of 2014, dropping the  barrel bomb that tore this little girl’s body to pieces.

The Syrian Barrel Bomb Girl

The Syrian Barrel Bomb Girl

Despite the lack of resources, Syrian doctor Nizar Hassan operated on her and saved her life. Please remember that he had to do this with limited supplies and under harrowing circumstances in Aleppo, Syria.

The Syrian Barrel Bomb Girl The Syrian Barrel Bomb Girl

So if you ever see her image being used to frighten people about kidnappers or Israelis or who knows what next, please tell them to STOP LYING!

Have some respect for this little girl, even if you have no self-respect. It is disgusting how some people would make use of another person’s misfortune (and it’s a child this time!) to further their own agenda.


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