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These Sikhs Are Not Ready To Bhangra Bersih Style

This post shows a large number of Sikhs wearing yellow turbans. The poster, Baghwan Singh claims that “The Sikhs are ready to Bhangra… Bersih style“. I thought this was a joke until I saw how many people actually believed it was true.

The Sikhs Are Ready To Bhangra… Bersih Style

Seriously… I know that the Bersih 4.0 fever is in the air, but why do we have to let go of our common sense? I can’t believe I actually have to debunk this.


No, These Sikhs Are NOT Ready To Bhangra… Bersih Style

Sorry, guys, but these yellow-turbaned Sikhs are not preparing to join the Bersih 4.0 rally. Why? Take a closer look at the windshield stickers. Do you ever see these Hindi script on our cars and buses?

Do you see these Hindi characters on our cars and buses?

Yes, these are NOT Malaysian Sikhs, but young Indian Sikhs participating in a turban awareness march in Jaitu, Punjab in April 2013. Some 6,000 of these young men and boys from all over the state of Punjab participated in this march. They wore a white attire with a yellow turban to show solidarity and strength in being united.

Young Sikh men during a turban awareness march. Jaitu, April 2013 / Credit : Muktsar Sahib
Young Sikh men during a turban awareness march. Jaitu, April 2013 / Credit : Muktsar Sahib


Stop Making Up Stories!

It doesn’t matter whether you are on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp – there is a ton of hoaxes about Bersih 4.0 and the government being shared online. Every day, people get angered by the posts being shared, start ranting off, only to be told that they were just more hoaxes. Isn’t it tiring?

You may think that these fake stories are innocent and do no harm. But look at it from the other POV. It gives those who are opposed to Bersih ammunition. They can point to these fake stories as evidence that Bersih supporters have no qualms LYING to gain support. Is that what Bersih organisers and supporters really want?

It’s bad enough that we have government officials spreading falsehoods and making dangerous statements. Let’s not add more fuel to the fire. Bersih supporters must strive not to emulate the government they loathe, but to take the high road instead. Please just stick to the facts. There’s way too much bullshit online as it is!

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