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This Girl HATES Minions Like Crazy

Since the cute little Minions debuted in the original Despicable Me movie, the world has gone CRAZY over them. Their toys and collectibles flew off the shelves, and people queued up at McDonald’s to buy Happy Meals by the dozens just to get a Minion Happy Meal toy. But some go crazy over them for a different reason. This girl HATES Minions like crazy. Seriously CRAZY.

This Girl HATES Minions Like Crazy!


Pupinia Stewart : Crazy Or Just Another Troll?

This 17-year old girl, Pupinia Stewart, made a video recently about how the “bright and yellowMinions made her go CRAZY. Yeah, BATSHIT CRAZY, not the good type of crazy. 😀

In her video, she talked about how she hated them so much she even TACKLED a small child dressed as a Minion and broke its ribcage (or something). Then she TWEETED about it. Take a look at our commentary edit of her video :

Is Pupinia Stewart crazy, or just another Internet drama queen? You decide.


Maybe It’s Her Boyfriend

A clue to her bizarre behaviour may like in the fact that Pupinia Stewart became the girlfriend of one Dillon The Hacker on the 23rd of May 2015. Who’s this Dillion The Hacker?

Dillon, who is known in real life (IRL) as Dillon Prescott Henderson, is one of those Millennial YouTube “stars” with a bad case of delusions of grandeur. He calls himself “God” and proclaims himself to be a leader of both Anonymous and 4chan.

His channel, however, consists of nothing more than childish (emo) rants about other YouTube stars. Yet he has almost 20,000 subscribers. You have to wonder why we call the TV the “idiot box” when we have almost 20,000 Millennials watching a drama king trash talk on YouTube.

I fear for the future of humanity…

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