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Thor : Love and Thunder Cancelled In Malaysia!

Malaysia just cancelled the premiere of Thor : Love and Thunder indefinitely, likely over censorship requirements!


Earlier : Thor : Love and Thunder Postponed 2 Weeks!

Thor : Love and Thunder was scheduled to be launched in Malaysia on July 7, in line with the global release (July 8 in the United States).

Cinemas had already opened up booking for the tickets, with many Malaysians purchasing them in advance.

However, on 1 July 2022 came the shocking announcementthe release date for Thor : Love and Thunder in Malaysia has been postponed for two weeks, to 21 July 2022!

Then, on 13 July 2022, Disney postponed the release of Thor : Love and Thunder in Malaysia indefinitely.

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Now : Thor : Love and Thunder Cancelled In Malaysia

Unfortunately, on 28 July 2022, Disney announced that Thor : Love and Thunder would not be released in Malaysia.

This was announced by Malaysian cinema chain, GSC :

THOR: Love and Takde. Officially. ⚡️💔

Dear Valued Customers,

Please be informed that Disney has updated us that Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder will not be releasing in Malaysia after all.

We appreciate your patience and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please buy our merchandise ok.

We Malaysians all saw this coming, didn’t we?


Thor : Love and Thunder Faced Censorship Hurdles

It is currently unknown why the release date for Thor : Love and Thunder in Malaysia was banned from its cinematic release.

But Malaysians have long expected the film to be censored, especially the scene of Thor’s naked butt.  As director Taika Waititi shared, the movie will showcase Chris Hemsworth’s mighty cheeks in their full glory.

So it was possible that the delay was to allow certain cuts or mosaicking to be made to the film to allay the delicate sensitivities of the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia. Unlike the brief LGBT kiss that got Lightyear banned in Malaysia and 14 other countries, it seems that Disney may be open to at least blurring Thor’s ass.

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There is also the “sensitive” issue of LGBTQ+ themes that have already gotten the movie banned in China. There are several short LGBTQ+ scenes in the movie.

But censoring them is likely a line too far for Disney / Marvel to cross.

It is likely that Malaysian film censors could not accept those short LGBTQ+ scenes either, and so Thor: Love and Thunder ended up banned from being shown in the cinemas, like in China.


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