How To Get + Pay Your TNB Bill During MCO / CMCO!

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Many of us are not aware, but TNB will NOT read your electricity meter or issue any electricity bill during the COVID-19 MCO.

Find out how to get and pay your TNB electricity bill during the COVID-19 MCO / CMCO!


TNB Meter Reading + Bill Rendering : Stopped During MCO / CMCO!

After the COVID-19 Movement Control Order (MCO) was announced, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) announced that they would stop these operations from 20 March 2020 until further notice :

  • meter reading operations, and
  • rendering of printed bill at your premise

Where To Get Your TNB Bill During COVID-19 MCO!

They also announced that :

  • you will be issued an estimated bill, based on your previous month’s consumption.
  • your bill will be adjusted only when they resume meter reading, after the MCO period ends.
  • during the MCO, TNB will not deliver any printed electricity bill to your premise.

In other words, you still need to pay your TNB electricity bill during the MCO / CMCO. Just because you don’t get your bill, doesn’t mean you get to stop paying.


TNB Will Start Meter Reading + Rendering Bill For Some States

On 13 May 2020, TNB announced that they are resuming meter reading and bill rendering on a staggered basis, and only in green zone states :

  • Perlis
  • Penang
  • Kedah
  • Perak (except Sri Manjung)
  • Kelantan

That basically means they still won’t perform meter reading for most of the country during the Conditional MCO period.


How To Get + Pay Your TNB Bill During MCO / CMCO

Okay, there are three ways to handle your TNB electricity bill during the MCO / CMCO.

Option 1 : Pay The Estimated Bill

TNB mentioned that you will be issued an estimated bill, based on your last bill. If your last bill was RM 100, then your estimated bill during the MCO / CMCO will be RM 100.

All you have to do is continue paying based on your last bill every month, as long as the MCO / CMCO is in effect.

Just pay online through JomPAY using your online banking account.

Option 2 : Use TNB Express Payment

The easiest way to check your current bill and make payment is through myTNB.

Just key in your 12-digit TNB account number, and you will receive the current amount due.

  • TNB Express Payment RP 01
  • TNB Express Payment RP 02

You can pay up to RM 250 using a credit or debit card through Express Payment by clicking Next.

If you wish to pay more than RM 250 though, you will need to first register and log into myTNB.

Alternatively, you can pay through JomPAY using your online banking account.

Option 3 : Use myTNB App

The third option is to install and use the myTNB app, which is available as a free download on both Google Play Store and App Store :

googleplay    applestore

Follow these steps to register and check your current TNB bill on the myTNB app :


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

  • Avoid suspected cases or disease hotpots, like hospitals, if possible!
  • Avoid public events and crowds
  • Keep our hands clean with soap or hand sanitiser
  • Keep our home, office, vehicles, etc. clean
  • If you need to wear a surgical mask, make sure you put it on and remove it properly!
  • Wash your food with water (and soap) after purchase and before preparation

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