TNG RFID Bar Code Scanning Scam Debunked!

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People are warning about a TNG RFID bar code scanning scam! Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : TNG RFID Bar Code Scanning Scam Hacks Your Phone!

People are sharing this warning about the TNG RFID bar code scam on WhatsApp, and social media.

It claims that scammers are sending people RFID stickers, and asking them to scan the bar code.

Allegedly, scammers are sending people TNG RFID stickers, and asking them to scan the bar code. Once they do that, their phones will be hacked!

They send the RFID to you. When you scan the bar code they hack your hp
It’s a scam

他们将 RFID 发送给您。 当您扫描条形码时,他们会入侵您

Mereka menghantar RFID kepada anda. Apabila anda mengimbas kod bar mereka menggodam anda
Ia satu penipuan ☠️👻💩😱😰

TNG RFID Bar Code Scanning Scam Debunked!


Truth : There Is No TNG RFID Bar Code Scanning Scam!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS circulating on WhatsApp and social media, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : There Is No TNG RFID Bar Code Scanning Scam

First of all – let me just say that there is no such thing as a TNG RFID bar code scanning scam. No one can hack your phone just because you scan a TNG RFID bar code.

The bar code is nothing more than a series of numbers, which you can readily see printed under the bar code. These numbers cannot possibly hack your phone / smartphone.

Fact #2 : TNG RFID Bar Code Is Used To Register Sticker

The bar code visible in the clear window of the TNG RFID self-fitment kit is merely the serial number for the RFID sticker (also known as an RFID tag).

This serial number is used to register the RFID sticker, by scanning scan the bar code using the TNG eWallet mobile app.

All it does is link the RFID sticker to your TNG eWallet account, so that all toll charges are automatically deducted from that account.

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TNG RFID Bar Code Scanning Scam Debunked!

Fact #3 : There Are Easier + Cheaper Ways To Hack Your Phone

Truth be told – there are far easier and cheaper ways to hack your phone, than send you a free RFID sticker and ask you to scan the bar code.

These scammers will have to put in considerable expense and technical expertise into hacking the TNG eWallet app, and inserting their malware that the fake RFID number would trigger.

But why bother? If they can hack the TNG eWallet, they don’t even need to send you any fake RFID bar code to scan!

Making fake RFID stickers (tags) that look like genuine TNG RFID self-fitment kits costs money. Sending these fake kits also put them at risk, because deliveries can be traced.

There are many other ways to compromise your smartphone. There is simply no reason why scammers to waste time and money on such a convoluted scheme.

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