Touch ‘n Go eWallet, PayDirect + RFID Are Up Again!

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Touch ‘n Go eWallet, PayDirect + RFID services have just been restored, after going down for most of the day!


Touch ‘n Go eWallet, PayDirect + RFID Went Down!

Touch ‘n Go eWallet, PayDirect and RFID services went down earlier today, and continues to be suffering a multitude of issues throughout the day.

Many users were logged out of the Touch ‘n Go eWallet app, and had difficulty logging back in. They often received error messages like:

Sorry, something wrong happened there! But don’t sweat it, we’re doing our best to fix this for you. Please try again.

Sorry, but heavy traffic is causing delays in processing your request. Don’t fret, we’re fixing this. Hold tight & try again later.

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TnG eWallet Is Down, Affecting RFID, PayDirect Payments!

Even when users could log in, they reported that their ewallet balance were either wiped out, or incorrect. Some even reported that their ewallet balance kept changing randomly!

Many users were also unable to make payments, or perform NFC card reloads. PayDirect payments also is not working.

Even worse, Touch ‘n Go eWallet outage this time has cut off access to TNF  RFID, with highway users reporting long queues at the RFID lanes. The RFID lanes at the SPRINT Expressway, Penchala Link and Kerinchi Link have consequently been closed down.

The only way for motorists to get through the tolls is to use their Touch ‘n Go card. So please make sure you reload your TNG card before using the highways!


Touch ‘n Go Finally Solves eWallet, PayDirect + RFID Problems!

Hours after users started complaining, the Touch ‘n Go eWallet team finally responded, saying that they are working on a fix.

All they can tell their users is that if they have sufficient balance in their eWallet, they can still pay for tolls and parking via PayDirect and RFID.

Dear valued users,

We are currently facing technical issues but be rest assured, we are rectifying the matter.

If you have enough balance in your Wallet, you are still able to pay for tolls and parking via PayDirect and RFID.

We apologise for the service interruption and inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you for your kind patience and understanding.

The Touch ‘n Go Wallet team.

But as many users have reported, that is just not possible. Both PayDirect and RFID appear to be down, which is why several highways have already closed their RFID lanes.

In addition, some users have reported that their eWallet balance is now empty, or has the wrong balance, or has insufficient balance. So they won’t be able to make payments, unless they have a physical TNG card as backup.

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Touch 'n Go eWallet, PayDirect + RFID Are Down!

Finally, at around 3:36 PM, the Touch ‘n Go eWallet team reported that they finally restored all its services!

Touch ‘n Go eWallet and its services are up and running.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused earlier and thank you for your kind patience.

However, it looks like it will take time for all issues to be resolved. Users loading TNG eWallet after this will see a banner telling them not to worry about mysterious transactions that appear in their history, because they are just “delayed notifications”.

Got a txn you didn’t perform? Reset assured, it’s a delayed notification. Apologies for the confusion.

Several Touch ‘n Go eWallet users continue to complain that they still are unable to login, or make payments / transfers, or have wrong balances in their accounts.


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