Tropicana The Residences KLCC – The Viral Controversy

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A series of videos about Tropicana The Residences KLCC have gone viral, showing a disgruntled owner literally trashing up his own luxury condominium. Let’s find out what the heck is going on!

Tropicana The Residences KLCC Gets Trashed By Owner!


Why Did He Trash His Tropicana The Residences Unit?

The owner recorded a series of ten videos (at our last count) as a message for the directors of the developer, Tropicana Corporation Berhad.

They were distributed in a disjointed sequence, so we rearranged and compiled them for a better understanding of the situation.

As this owner explained in the videos, he bought his Tropicana The Residence unit in Hong Kong for a cool RM 2 million (about US$487K or £372K).

However, he was extremely dissatisfied with the quality of his unit, and its furnishings :

  • The quality of the sofa set and dining table
  • Curtains that lack curtain rods
  • The “smart and functional” doors that had to be opened by pulling on a small notch.
  • Numerous cracked and/or chipped marble tiles
  • The quality of the built-in furniture

Apparently, the developer only said that they would touch up his unit, but he does not believe it would be possible to “touch up” the numerous defects.

In the later videos, he is seen dressed in black with a hard hat and proceeds to smash the glass dining table and then the marble flooring. He then goes on to trash the master bedroom.

In the video, he promised to live in his smashed-up unit so it will serve as a showroom to the other owners and potential buyers.


Tropicana The Residences

Tropicana The Residences is marketed as a premier high-end serviced residence in the very heart of Kuala Lumpur. Due to its prestigious location right off KLCC along Jalan Ampang, it commanded a very high price.

Here are some pictures of the show unit from Property Guru. It will give us a feel of what the owner might have expected his unit to look like :

Tropicana Residences show unit - Property Guru Tropicana Residences show unit - Property Guru Tropicana Residences show unit - Property Guru

Tropicana The Residences actually shares the same building as W Kuala Lumpur, which sits on a freehold land area of 1.28 acres. Its 353 units occupy the 24th floor all the way to the 53rd floor.

At launch, it was priced between RM 1.6 million (about US$389K or £298K) for a 710 square feet unit, to a princely RM 3.7 million (about US$901K or £688K) for the 1,604 square feet unit.


There Are Two Sides To Every Controversy

Now, we do not personally have experience with such prestigious projects, or the exacting nature of their purchasers. Typically, we Malaysians have learned to accept that the show unit is not representative of the final unit.

That said, these Tropicana The Residences units are sold as fully-furnished and designed according to the W Hotel specifications. In fact, it is said that the buyers had to agree to the design concept and interior furnishing before they sign on the dotted line.

Tropicana The Residences artist impression

So we can understand if the owner felt that his unit fell far from his expectations. However, we highly recommend that we all reserve judgement and see how Tropicana addresses this issue.

Let us not forget what happened when an owner of Empire City Damansara was taken to the wrong unit for an inspection, and his photos went viral.

There was also the infamous case of Tanya Hyacinth Fernandez’s diatribe versus Saville @ The Park.

We hope this controversy comes to a happy ending, without litigation. After all, no one wins in a lawsuit.. but the lawyers!

To keep things light, here’s a funny meme that has also been circulating after the videos went viral :

2019 Vacant Possession and Property Inspection Kit


Initial Response By Tropicana

Tropicana Corporation Berhad issued a preliminary statement about this issue on 13 May 2019, claiming that the man in the video is not the owner of the unit, just “the representative of the unit’s current owner”.

Dear valued customers, business partners and stakeholders,

We are aware of the videos being circulated in regards to one of our serviced residences at The Residences, Kuala Lumpur.

The vacant possession procedure was completed and keys were handed over to the buyer last month. The individual who performed destructive acts in the unit is the representative of the unit’s current owner. Our team is still attempting to connect with the rightful owner and we will do our best to assist in any possible way.

We are deeply mortified and affected by this untoward incident, and we apologise to anyone that has been affected by it.

Despite of this, we remain committed towards continuously delivering quality homes that not only fulfil the lifestyle aspirations but also enhance the quality of life of our customers.

To our loyal customers and business partners, we sincerely thank you for your unceasing loyalty and support towards Tropicana. Should you have any queries, our team would love to hear from you as your satisfaction is our top priority.

Yours sincerely,
Customer Care Team
Customer Care Line:+60126887003

We have to point out that while the Tropicana’s PR team may be trying to convey a desire to “connect with the rightful owner“, it is possible… even probable, that the rightful owner is the man’s wife, son or daughter.

After all, he said in the video clearly that “we bought this unit in Hong Kong“. So trying to avoid him and contacting the “rightful owner” isn’t going to solve the problem if he’s the one footing the bill for the unit.

Instead of asking the public to reach out to them for queries, perhaps they should reach out to the man ASAP to resolve the issue.


Tropicana : This Was A Premeditated Action

At around 10 PM on 15 April 2019, Tropicana Corporation Berhad issued an official press release on this issue :

Tropicana press release on the controversy Tropicana press release on the controversy

What a twist in the story! Tropicana just hit back with accusations that the man’s actions were “premeditated” and “he had no intention to resolve the matter” as he came prepared with a sledgehammer.


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