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The Trump Photo On A Starbucks Floor Hoax Debunked!

Pro-Trump Facebook pages and groups are always sharing fake stories about Donald Trump, including this fake post about a photo of Donald Trump on the floor of a Starbucks.

Let us debunk this ridiculous hoax, and show you why you should never trust anything a Trump supporter tells you.


The Trump Photo On A Starbucks Floor Hoax

This fake tweet by Trump For President (@TrumpThe45th) went viral, because it showed a picture of Donald Trump on the floor of a Starbucks Coffee entrance.

They insinuated that Starbucks did that, so that every Starbucks customer would have to step on Donald Trump’s photo.

Conservative and pro-Trump websites have pounced upon it as another example of a liberal business insulting President Trump. Needless to say, they have also called upon Trump supporters to boycott Starbucks.

Well, as you may have already figured out by now, this incident never happened.

Starbucks did not place Donald Trump’s photo on their floor. None of their customers were forced to step on his photo. It only happened in the fevered imaginations of the Trumpets.


Isn’t That A Photo Of Trump On The Floor Of A Starbucks???

It sure looks like it, but that is just an edited photo. Yes, it was Photoshopped. How do we know? Because the original photo was taken in March 2014, years before Donald Trump even thought of running for the US Presidency.

And guess what – there was no picture of Donald Trump on the floor in the original photo! See for yourself!

In fact, we know that Trump For President stole the original picture from this article about the opening of the third Starbucks outlet in Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.


The Trump Effect Goes Beyond Starbucks

This is not the first, and it won’t be the last time, that fake news was created about Donald Trump. The wholesale acceptance and even creation of “alternative facts” by Donald Trump and his team have emboldened an army of followers to create their own world of “alternative facts”.

It has also incentivised crafty writers and clickbait websites to fashion fake news to generate controversy for the clicks, likes and shares. It’s all about the money for them. There are plenty of suckers (Trumpets) who will believe anything they write about the libtards.

So the next time you read something like this… take a moment… take two moments. THINK. INVESTIGATE. VERIFY… BEFORE YOU SHARE.


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