How To Pay UKM Fees Using MOLPay

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Did you know that UKM students can pay their fees or any UKM services using MOLPay at any 7-Eleven outlet across Malaysia. Find out how you can pay UKM using MOLPay Cash!

MOLPay + UKM Partnership

In 2014, MOLPay and 7-Eleven Malaysia announced MOLPay Cash, a new payment option for e-commerce merchants that allows customers without bank accounts or credit cards to make cash payments for online transactions.

Online stores that offer the MOLPay Cash logo at the checkout would provide a transaction ID, which could be screencapped or printed by customers and then paid at 7-Eleven stores within 48 hours to complete the transaction.

How To Pay UKM Fees Using MOLPay

UKM was among the pioneering Malaysian universities to embrace MOLPay Cash. Upon connecting UKM ePayment service to MOLPay, the university reportedly saw a steady boost of online payment collection by 60% each year.

How To Pay UKM Fees Using MOLPay

Here are the steps to pay UKM fees using MOLPay

  1. In the UKM ePayment system, go to the Application Fee section.
  2. Check the amount before clicking Pay.
  3. Select the 7-Eleven payment option.
  4. Take a screenshot or picture of the payment details
  5. Make the payment at any 7-Eleven store within 48 hours

That’s it. It’s that simple to pay your UKM fees using MOLPay.

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