How Did Ukrainian Windows Stay Intact After Explosion?!

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People are wondering how the windows of this Ukrainian building remained intact after a powerful explosion overturned cars!

Take a look at the viral video, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Ukrainian Windows Remained Intact Because It’s A Fake Picture!

A photo showing a Ukrainian building with intact windows has gone viral, because the overturned cars nearby suggested that a powerful explosion took place.

People are sharing it as an example of Ukrainian propaganda, proof that they faked the picture to make the Russian invasion look more violent than it really is.

The viral photo is often accompanied by this sarcastic message :

I want to buy Ukrainian windows

I would like to place an order for these high quality super tough windows from the Ukraine, that remained intact and unmarked after the explosion of a Russian bomb that turned over all of these cars. Please throw in also some of that same render as on the house, that remained undamaged and clean after the explosion.

How Did Ukrainian Windows Stay Intact After Explosion?!


Truth : Ukrainian Windows Remained Intact Because There Was No Explosion!

The truth is – this is FAKE NEWS, and yet another example of pro-Russia propaganda, trying to cast the Ukrainians as liars.

Here are the facts behind the viral photo, and the reasons why the Ukrainian windows remained intact…

Fact #1 : Photo Was Taken In Bucha, Ukraine

First, the picture was not produced by the Ukrainians.

This is a genuine and unedited photo taken by Rodrigo Abd, an Associated Press photographer, in Bucha on April 4, 2022, at about 7:26 AM.

Here is the official description of the photo that he filed on April 12, 2022 :

A Ukrainian soldier walks with children passing destroyed cars due to the war against Russia, in Bucha, on the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday, April 4, 2022. Local authorities told The Associated Press that at least 16 children were among the hundreds of people killed in Bucha. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd, File)

So the claim that it was photoshopped or “rendered” is utter nonsense. This photo was taken by a veteran AP staff photographer, who happens to be Argentinian, not Ukrainian.

Rodrigo Abd

Fact #2 : No Sign Of Any Explosion

Despite the viral message claiming that there was a powerful explosion, there is NOTHING in the photo that suggests an explosion actually occurred anywhere nearby.

If you look closely, you will note that there is a distinct lack of scorch marks on the upturned vehicles, as well as the road and buildings.

If a Russian bomb actually detonated nearby, you should not only see shrapnel holes in the vehicles and walls of the buildings nearby, you should expect to see a crater of some sort, or some cratering of the road near the cars.

If the explosion happened off frame, then it’s unlikely to be strong enough to overturn cars like that.

In short, the photo shows a complete lack of evidence that any explosion of any kind overturned those cars.

How Did Ukrainian Windows Stay Intact After Explosion?!

Fact #3 : Vehicles Were Overturned By Tanks / Trucks

Eyewitnesses at Bucha told reporters that the Russians used tanks and trucks to overturn vehicles throughout Bucha.

A photojournalist, Emanuele Satoli, confirmed this to the Greek fact-checking website, Ellinika Hoaxes :

At the place where I took my photo, in the town of Bucha, I met several citizens and everyone told me that the cars had been overturned by Russians with tanks, but they did not know why the Russians did this.

The vehicles were most likely overturned by the Russians to create makeshift barricades to shield from Ukrainian counterattacks, or to prevent Ukrainian citizens from leaving the town.

When Ukrainian forces gained control of Bucha, they found the streets choked with destroyed tanks and vehicles.

Bucha street full of tanks and vehicles

Fact #4 : Russians Caught Lying About Bucha Massacre

This is not the first time fake news was created / propagated by the Russians and pro-Russian activists about the Bucha massacre.

After the Ukrainians evicted Russian forces from the town of Bucha, they found bodies of civilians who appeared to have been executed in cold blood and left on the road.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the Russian Ministry of Defense immediately claimed that the footage of the bodies were “staged” by Ukrainians who placed them there after Russian forces left Bucha.

Unfortunately for the Russians, satellite photos taken weeks before their withdrawal showed that the Russians executed those civilians while they were in full control of the town.

A satellite image from Maxar showed that the bodies were already there as early as 11 March, with this clearer picture taken on 19 March. The Russians only left Bucha on 30 March.

Russian forces was also caught on satellite creating massive graves at Bucha, which were later found to contain bodies of hundreds of Ukrainian civilians.

So it is likely that they left these bodies on the streets of Bucha as a warning to the town residents, much like how Nazis in World War 2 would sometimes hang bodies in the streets of the towns they conquered.

This fake news appears to be part of the disinformation campaign conducted by Russia or pro-Russian activists to cover up the massacre of civilians in Bucha, Ukraine.

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