Did Ukrainians Just Protest Against US Interference In Kyiv?!

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Did hundreds of Ukrainians just come out to protest against US interference at their embassy in Kyiv?

Take a look at the viral photos, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Massive Ukrainian Protest Against US Interference In Kyiv!

People are sharing four photos of Ukrainians protesting against US interference outside their Kyiv embassy, with the message “A Kiev Protest You Won’t See On CNN – A rally in front of the US Embassy

The photos show them carrying three large banners with the protest messages like :

You Came To These Countries To Kill! USA Is A Country Of War, Not Democracy!

USA Is The Enemy Of Ukrainian People! Go To Washington And Never Come Back!

  • Did Ukrainians Just Protest Against US Interference In Kyiv?!
  • Did Ukrainians Just Protest Against US Interference In Kyiv?!
  • Did Ukrainians Just Protest Against US Interference In Kyiv?!
  • Did Ukrainians Just Protest Against US Interference In Kyiv?!


Truth : It Was A Staged Protest At US Embassy In Kyiv Before Invasion

This is yet another example of pro-Russian fake news that was created to mislead people about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : This Protest Took Place On 9 February 2022

This protest did not just happen recently. It took place in Kyiv on 9 February 2022 – 15 days before Russia invaded Ukraine.

That’s almost a month before people started sharing the photos, which were taken by Christopher Miller, a BuzzFeed News correspondent in Ukraine.

Fact #2 : US Embassy Moved To Lviv, And Then To Poland

This is for the trolls who have the cheek to demand, “How do you know he didn’t lie?

Simple – I know he didn’t lie because the US moved their embassy from Kyiv to Lviv in western Ukraine on 14 February 2022 – 5 days after that protest.

Then on 24 February 2022, the US Embassy officially suspended its Ukrainian operations, and moved from Lviv to Poland.

Fact #3 : Kyiv Is Under Russian Attack

Kyiv has been under heavy Russian attack since the invasion began. Who in the right mind would be standing outside the US Embassy while the city is under bombardment?

Fact #4 : US Spent Jan-Feb 2022 Warning Of Russian Invasion

The US spent the first two months of 2022 only warning the world of the impending Russian invasion. So the suggestion that they were interfering in Ukraine is ludicrous.

At that time, they still refused to send more weapons to the Ukrainians, for fear of triggering a Russian response.

It was other NATO countries that stepped up to bolster Ukrainian defences with ammunition, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, etc.

Fact #5 : US Embassy Protest Was Staged

Fortunately, Christopher was able to investigate the protest, and discovered that the protest was staged :

🧐 ~200 people at @USEmbassyKyiv protesting the United States’ involvement in current Russia-Ukraine crisis. But nobody I asked could explain exactly what they’re against. They said they came because “Natasha called us.” Natasha told me this is a “NGO” but wouldn’t name it.

Natasha, seen in the green coat, has been keeping people in line, literally. She scolded a man for wandering away briefly. Every person here seems to be a pensioner. When I asked how they afforded the expensive, brand new banners, they said someone gifted them.

Did Ukrainians Just Protest Against US Interference In Kyiv?!

These type of “actions,” as folks here are referring to this, are known colloquially as rent-a-crowds. Usually they are offered 200-500 UAH to stand in place for some hours. Then they are paid and bused away. FWIW, ppl say they aren’t paid. Although one woman said “not yet.”

These are the guys running this “protest.” They didn’t want to be interviewed but I spoke to them. One named Andriy (who said when I asked his last name, “let’s say Kovalenko”), not pictured, said they are a civic group called “No Corruption.” They have no website or biz cards.

Did Ukrainians Just Protest Against US Interference In Kyiv?!

Several “protesters” said they were called yesterday to come here. When they arrived, this group of men gave them the posters they are holding.

The event’s speaker, Maksym Plakhtyenko, said he didn’t know anything about the organizers. Just that they called him to speak because he knows English and has a “principled position” against war. The US, he said, is provoking war. The people there repeated his words verbatim.

Fact #6 : No One Was Arrested Or Beaten

Pro-Russian trolls are using these photos as “evidence” that the Ukrainian people are anti-America and anti-NATO.

What these pictures really show is a fundamental difference between a democratic country like Ukraine, and an autocratic country like Russia – free speech.

These “protestors” were not arrested or beaten. They were allowed to peacefully “protest” in front of the US Embassy.

In contrast, Russia arrested thousands of people for protesting against its invasion of Ukraine, including Yelena Osipova – a 76 year-old survivor of the Siege of Leningrad in World War 2.

World War 2 survivor Yelena Osipova arrested in Russia

Now that you know the truth, please help us fight fake news by sharing this fact check article with your family and friends!


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