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The USS Al Gore Frozen Boat Hoax Debunked!

Climate change deniers keep promoting a picture of the USS Al Gore Global Warming Research Vessel completely frozen in ice. Their message – even nature disagrees with Al Gore!

Perhaps they meant it as a joke, but in this post-truth world, people are more likely to believe (and share) lies like this, than the actual truth. So, let’s debunk this hoax, and see what the facts really are.


The USS Al Gore Frozen Boat Hoax

Here are three examples of the USS Al Gore frozen boat hoax – one on Facebook, the other on a blog, and the last one on Reddit :

Needless to say, that’s not the USS Al Gore. But you will want to know – how the heck do we know that?


There Is No USS Al Gore

The USS Al Gore does not exist. The USS (United States Ship) designation is reserved for active commissioned ships of the US Navy. There has never been a ship named for former US Vice-President Al Gore.

Well, a FICTIONAL submersible aircraft carrier – the CVJ-01 USS Al Gore – was named after him, but I don’t suppose that counts… because it’s a SUBMARINE! 😀


That Is Not Bio-Solar One

Al Gore has a 100-foot houseboat that is powered by bio-diesel and solar panels, called Bio-Solar One. It was launched sometime in September 2008. Here, you can see it at the Hurricane Marina in Silver Point, Tennessee.

Credit : The Tennessean

As you can see, the Bio-Solar One is not only the wrong shape, it is much… MUCH BIGGER in size, than the frozen boat.


USS Al Gore Is Actually The Frozen Boat Of Versoix

The picture those climate change deniers use was actually of a boat moored off Versoix, on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

It was hit by an ice storm in 2005 – the freezing rain froze into a thick glaze of ice that covered not only this boat, but also vehicles, buildings and the streets.

This photo of the same boat was taken by a different photographer, Santiago Puig Viladomiu.

The date stamp is clear – this was taken on 28 January 2005 – more than 3.5 years before Al Gore’s Bio-Solar One houseboat was even launched.

For more photos on the ice storm that covered Versoix, you can read Wendy’s Journal.

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