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COVID-19 Vaccine Dependents Can Go By Themselves!

Can COVID-19 vaccine dependents go alone? Or do you have to accompany them for their COVID-19 vaccinations?

We asked JKJAV and here are the answers!


COVID-19 Vaccine Dependents : What Are They?

A COVID-19 vaccine dependent is usually someone who does not have a phone, or a MySejahtera account.

To register them for COVID-19 vaccination, you can sign them up as a Vaccine Dependent in MySejahtera.

You can sign up your domestic helper, elderly parents or even children (18 years and above) as a vaccine dependent.

You can also sign them up as a vaccine dependent even if they already have a MySejahtera account.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Dependents : Can They Go Alone?

In most cases, vaccine dependents are people staying in the same household, so there’s usually no problem in sending them to the vaccination centre when it’s their turn.

However, there are many cases where the vaccine dependent is far away – in a different district or even state.

For example, you can help your elderly parents sign up for their COVID-19 vaccination as a vaccine dependent, even though they are staying in a different state.

The government allows people to travel interstate to help their vaccine dependents get to their vaccination centres. However, that is not always possible.

Vaccine Dependents Can Go By Themselves

Usually, you need to accompany your vaccine dependent to scan the QR codes during their COVID-19 vaccination process.

But if that’s not possible – your vaccine dependents can go for their vaccinations without you!

If they have their own MySejahtera account, their vaccination appointments will be visible, and they can scan the QR codes using their MySejahtera account.

You can maintain them as a vaccine dependent, or remove them – it won’t change their status or appointment, which are tied to their MyKad or passport number.

Vaccine Dependents Don’t Even Need MySejahtera!

In some cases, your vaccine dependents may not have a MySejahtera account, or a smartphone.

Don’t worry – they only need to bring their MyKad or passport to the vaccination centre to authenticate their identity.

Instead of using MySejahtera to scan the QR codes, their COVID-19 vaccinations will be processed manually.

If you maintain them as a vaccine dependent, it will be updated with their COVID-19 vaccination details.

If and when they register for their own MySejahtera account, everything will be shown in their account.


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