Vatican Oh My God Press Release Debunked!

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A fake press release from the Vatican on the use of Oh My God in prayers is still being shared by Christians and those looking to poke fun at Christians.

Let’s take a look at the variants being shared online, and tell you why the letter is fake, and was probably made up as a joke!

Vatican Oh My God Press Release Debunked!


The Vatican Oh My God Press Release

The Vatican Oh My God press release was shared sometime in 2009, titled Latest Press Release From The Vatican.

It was then recreated around 2011 as an online version, titled Official Note From Vatican.

2009 Vatican Oh My God Press Release

The original 2009 versions have a Pontificia Commissio (Pontifical Commission) letterhead, with official looking stamps and signatures, with this message :


Reported for all women to lie in bed, naked making love with someone and shouting:

“Oh my God” “Oh my God” “Oh my God”


Mauro Piacenza (Presidente) and Prof. Don Carlo Chenis, SDB (Secretario)

  • Vatican Oh My God Press Release Debunked!
  • Vatican Oh My God Press Release Debunked!

2011 Vatican Oh My God Press Release

The 2009 Vatican Oh My God press release was recreated in 2011, for the modern online world, with this message :


“Be all women informed that lying in bed, naked entangled with somebody and screaming:

* Oh my god *
* Oh my god *
* Oh my god *

will not be considered PRAYING”

Vatican Oh My God Press Release Debunked!

This may seem funny to you, but some Christians who shared it actually believe it is true. One writer even remarked :

“Oh my God!” can be interpreted in many ways. If you strike a million jackpot, “Oh my God!” could be yelled out spontaneously.

Seeing a new born baby that touches your heart, you say, “Oh my God! She is cute.”

If you [sic] wife runs away with another man, you cry “Oh my God.”

You never expect a raise, but your boss gives you a double increment. You hug him with “Oh my God!”

So the official note from Vatican ought to be right. On bed “Oh my God” isn’t praying after all.


Our Verdict : Oh So Fake!

Seriously, this is so fake and so funny, we cannot believe we actually have to debunk this as a hoax / joke.

If you take a CLOSE LOOK at the original 2009 Vatican Oh My God press release, you will see signs of editing.

They cut the Pontificia Commisio letterhead and the date – Del Vaticano, 22 de agouti de 2009, but did not adjust the colour to match the letter, so you can see the colour difference and a clear outline.

Vatican OMG Hoax Letter editing

Secondly, the format and grammar is horrible. It’s amazing people would believe that the Vatican would come up with something so unprofessional.

You should also note that an English press release would not use Italian words. This is what a real English press release from the Pontifical Council looks like :

Letter Sample from Vatican Pontifical Council

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