Seniors Can Now Walk-In For Vaccination in KL + Selangor!

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Senior citizens in KL and Selangor can now walk-in and get their vaccination at any Vaccine Administration Centre (PPV)!

Here is what you need to know!


Senior Walk-In Vaccination In KL + Selangor : Starts 17 July 2021!

On 16 July 2021, JKJAV announced that the Vaccine Administration Centres (PPVs) in KL and Selangor are now ready to take in walk-in vaccination requests.

Starting 17 July 2021, senior citizens in KL and Selangor can walk-in and get their vaccination at any Vaccine Administration Centre (PPV)!

This walk-in vaccination programme is currently limited to :

  • senior citizens age 60 years and above,
  • who have NOT registered for vaccination, or
  • who have NOT received any vaccine appointment

If you have already received your vaccine appointments, please adhere to the appointment.

Seniors Can Now Walk-In For Vaccination in KL + Selangor!


Adham Baba : Senior Citizens Can Walk-In For Vaccination!

On 15 July 2021, Malaysia Health Minister Adham Baba announced at a press conference that walk-in vaccination is now available to senior citizens in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

“In Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, those who are 60 years (and older) who have not been vaccinated, can walk in. Data shows that there is this group that has not been vaccinated”.

However, when he made the announcement, the vaccination centres were NOT ready.

Seniors Can Now Walk-In For Vaccination in KL + Selangor!

Right after the Health Minister announced the walk-in vaccination option for senior citizens, CITF – the COVID-19 Immunisation Task Force – immediately issued a notice to clarify that this is NOT AVAILABLE YET.

They are asking senior citizens NOT to walk into the COVID-19 vaccination centres until they make a further announcement.

Here is our English translation :

Referring to the walk-in vaccination for senior citizens in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur as announced by the Health Minister in this afternoon’s press conference, the COVID-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) would like to announce that the implementation date for this method will be announced later.

This is to allow the planning for this initiative to be finalised, like logistics and delivery of vaccine stocks at all Vaccination Centres (PPV). Also important is arranging the schedule for the walk-in initiative to avoid congestion at vaccination centres, especially for senior citizens while the COVID-19 cases are getting higher.

Therefore, the public who are 60 years and older as well as their companions who do not have vaccination appointments are asked not to go to any vaccination centre tomorrow until further information about this initiative is announced soon.


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