Watch These Israelis Tear A Palestinian Child Apart

This picture has been floating around for years now, apparently showing the Israelis tearing a Palestinian child apart. It is often used as a symbol of Israeli brutality against the Palestinians.

Israelis Tearing A Palestinian Child Apart

The sentiment may be justified but the story isn’t true at all… Let’s show you why.


That’s No Palestinian Child!

The problem with many people who read this sort of post is that they accept everything at face value. As some cynics note, “If it’s on the Internet, it must be true!“.

If you take a closer look at the picture though, you will realise that the person being pulled is no Palestinian child. For one thing, he has a hairy belly…

Israelis Tearing A Palestinian Child Apart

If you take a ruler to the picture, you will quickly discover that this “Palestinian child” is roughly the same height as the men surrounding him. He is certainly an adult male.


He Could Still Be A Palestinian!

That is precisely the alternate claim that is going around – that these Israelis are attacking a Palestinian man. But that’s not true either.

On the 13th of September 2009, Israeli security forces clashed with Israeli settlers at the illegal West Bank settlement of Havat Gilad. The clash broke out after Israeli security forces tried to confiscate a truck that was transporting materials for a mobile home to the settlement.

Israeli settlers and right-wing activists rushed to prevent the Israeli security forces from moving the truck. They ended up puncturing the tires of Israeli military vehicles, hurling stones at Israeli security forces and setting fire to a Palestinian olive orchard nearby.

Take a look at the pictures from that Havat Gilad clash, which were taken by Yehuda Raizner of AFP. You will notice a very familiar picture….

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As you can see, that picture was of Israeli settlers trying to pull their fellow settler from being dragged away and arrested by the Israeli border police. This incident happened at the entrance to the illegal settlement of Havat Gilad. In the end, one of the settlers was injured and four arrested.

In other words, the picture actually shows Israel Defense Forces personnel helping to protect Palestinian land against encroachment by Israeli settlers.


Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

As a supporter of Palestinian right to self-rule and independence, I am constantly dismayed by the inanity of many pro-Palestinian supporters. The Palestinian cause is a noble one, a just one; but they chose to disparage it by spreading lies.

They defend it by saying that it is the only way to gain support for the Palestinians. They cannot be more wrong.

IMHO, the truth is powerful enough. The Israelis have committed enough atrocities and injustices to soften even the stoniest of hearts. However, all that evidence is jeopardised by the irresponsible creation and sharing of such lies. In fact, the cacophony of fake stories of Israeli atrocities are drowning out the real ones.

That is a problem because such lies are easily debunked. Instead of helping to drum up more support for the Palestinian cause, they end up creating the narrative that the Palestinians and their supporters are liars. So when a real incident is reported, people are less likely to believe that it’s true. That’s the Cry Wolf effect at work.

So the next time you think about lying for the Palestinian cause, please reconsider it. Lying is not only a sin in most religions, it also hurts the Palestinian cause in the long run. Don’t be stupid!


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    For all I know you could the media arm of the Israeli propaganda machinery that’s trying to spread the lies and discredit Palestinians.


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