What Do Kids Think Of Gay Marriage?

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Despite the fact that 19 other countries had already permitted same sex marriage, the recent US Supreme Court ruling that legalised same sex in the United States had many people arguing for and against gay marriage. Some even questioned what effect it would have on our children.

Well, why don’t we ask them? What do kids think of gay marriage? That’s what Jimmy Kimmel did recently. Check it out!

Their answers are not just hilarious but insightful as well. They show that children have a maturity that we often don’t give them credit for. One girl, in particular, was wise beyond her years! 😀

If kids can understand what’s most important in a marriage, why can’t we? #LoveWins

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  2. Jorge

    Hey, wait a sec. I’m all for gay marriage, have been since I remember. I believe people are natural bisexual and that strict heterosexuality stems from education, religion, culture, or whatever.

    But that is my opinion. I can’t prove it any more than I can prove God’s existence or non existence (I don’t believe there is a God and if there is, I don’t believe we can know its mind, but again, that is my opinion).

    Doesn’t matter how cute the subject is put, I would have a hard time proving to anyone whether open homosexuality, bisexuality or plain sexuality will affect their kids, so I can understand the worries of people who doesn’t think like I do. After all they have as much right to their beliefs and to live in error as I do.

    So “If kids can understand what’s most important in a marriage, why can’t we?”? Well, why don’t we give our kids the right to vote, drive, drink, smoke pot, choose where to live, whether they want to study or not, or to run away with older people?

    We cannot put them as paradigms of wisdom for one thing and not for others, just because in that one thing they agree with our beliefs.

    Of course Lovewins, but let us not be stupid about it. It turns us into jokes and diminishes our message.

    1. Dr. Adrian Wong

      Hi Jorge,

      That is false equivalence. Just because we don’t allow kids to vote, drink, drive, smoke pot, choose where to live, or whether they want to study or not, does not mean they cannot understand the difference between right and wrong, or what’s more important – love, or sexuality, in a marriage.

      It is a fact that most people today marry for love, not position, title, social mobility or political aspirations. These are ADULTS who can vote, drive, drink, choose where to live, whether they want to study or not, or to run away with older people. The kids in the video are just DEMONSTRATING that even kids can understand that love matters more than one’s sexuality in a marriage.

      It doesn’t matter that you can’t prove whether a couple’s sexuality will adversely or positively affect their children. It is THEIR lives, THEIR choices. You and I get to make our own choices, and we live by them. We do not get to impose our own choices upon others.

      People who disagree with that, do so because of their religious or cultural upbringing. Not because they have any evidence that gay people are evil, or that they will bring children up to be gay. Your belief that children are inherently bisexual is merely that – YOUR belief. There is no evidence to support any of those conjectures / beliefs.

      I have no idea why you think we are putting kids up as “paradigms of wisdom”. A short clip of kids voicing their opinions about gay marriage is meant to be a light-hearted look at the gay rights issue. It’s Jimmy Kimmel, for crying out loud. Heh… Just enjoy how cute these kids are. No matter what they say – it’s not going to sway the legislation needle one way or another… 😀


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