White or Black School Shoes – What Should YOU Choose?

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The Malaysian government school uniform is indeed a very neat and crisp looking attire yet has been a bane of contention for parents for as long as white was the compulsory colour for the shirts and the shoes. Where it has been considerably easier to prevent the shirt from being overly soiled, the same cannot be said for the shoes.

So what should YOU choose – the traditional white school shoes? Or the new black school shoes?

White or Black School Shoes – What Should YOU Choose?

In a country where the climate is one that includes regular heavy rainfall, it is a battle to prevent any dirt or other soiling elements from dirtying the school shoes. Bear in mind that school-going children are mostly focused on studying (supposedly) and are far from concerned with the cleanliness of their shoes. How can they when their eyes are expected to be on their teachers and the blackboard?

And so the burden of washing the school shoes clean is one which every a household that has school-going children has to face at the end of the week. Besides soaking and scrubbing, the school shoes are usually painted over with a light layer of white chalk-like paint. Then it would be dried under the hot tropical sun that our country is so famous for.

White or Black School Shoes - What Should YOU Choose?

Now this torture-like routine has been ongoing for some time until a new Minister of Education happened to actually give attention and actual commitment to the issue. And so finally the Ministry of Education decided to do away with the white school shoes to make way for its black counterpart come 2021.

Black shoes has been in place but more so for students who take on special roles like that of prefects, class monitors or even for members of the uniformed bodies in the schools. With the latest government ruling, students would be allowed to wear either black or white in the years 2019 and 2020. Black school shoes would be fully implemented as a compulsory part of the school uniform come 2021.

It is rather hard for anyone to argue against the colour black for school shoes. It would be virtually quite immune to dirt and soiling as it would all blend into the colour. Then there is also the factor of cleaning it. No more soaking and scrubbing. A light wash now and then would be sufficient enough to maintain its cleanliness. Sunning it once in awhile would prevent malodour. In short, easy maintenance is the black school shoes’ greatest advantage over its white rival.

For those who still hold to the argument that white colour is pure, innocent and better-looking on school shoes, well there is still a grace period of two years before you have to bid farewell to it. In the mean time, we can expect to see more colours in schools next year as both the black and white shoes make their appearances.


White + Black School Shoes Options

Here are some options to purchase white or black school shoes online in Malaysia.

White School Shoes for Malaysian students

Black School Shoes for Malaysian students


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