Was WHO just forced to abandon Pandemic Treaty?!

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Was the WHO just forced to abandon its controversial Pandemic Treaty due to public backlash?! Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : WHO Forced To Abandon Pandemic Treaty!

People are sharing an article (archive) by The People’s Voice (formerly NewsPunch), which claimed that the WHO was just forced to abandon its controversial Pandemic Treaty due to public backlash!

Here is an excerpt of the long and (intentionally?) confusing article. Feel free to skip to the next section for the facts!

WHO Forced To Abandon Pandemic Treaty As Public Rise Up Against Globalist Tyranny

The World Health Organization’s controversial Pandemic Treaty has been scrapped due to the increasing numbers of people who are waking up and rising up against the globalist elite’s tyrannical agenda.

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Truth : WHO Did Not Abandon / Scrap Pandemic Treaty!

This is yet another example of fake news created / promoted by The People’s Voice, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : WHO Did Not Abandon Pandemic Treaty!

Let me start by quickly pointing out that the WHO (World Health Organization) did not abandon or scrap the Pandemic Treaty as claimed or suggested by The People’s Voice article.

If that actually happened, it would have been reported worldwide. Yet, no legitimate media reported on such a shocking development, because it never happened.

The WHO also released the latest April 2024 draft proposal (PDF) for the WHO Pandemic Agreement! That would not be the case if the WHO Pandemic Treaty was already scrapped.

Unsurprisingly, The People’s Voice article did not provide any actual evidence that the WHO abandoned or scrapped the Pandemic Treaty.

Fact #2 : WHO Member States To Finalised Pandemic Treaty

In fact, WHO Member States agreed to resume negotiations to finalise the Pandemic Treaty from 29 April to 10 May 2024, in time for the 77th World Health Assembly which would begin on 27 May 2024.

Our Member States are fully aware of how important the pandemic agreement is for protecting future generations from the suffering we endured through the COVID-19 pandemic.

I thank them for their clear commitment to finding common ground and finalizing this historic agreement in time for the World Health Assembly.

– WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Again, The People’s Voice article did not provide any actual evidence that the WHO abandoned or scrapped the Pandemic Treaty.

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Fact #2 : Article 13A Never Made It To Zero Draft

The People’s Voice article claimed or suggested that Article 13A.1 of the Pandemic Treaty was removed recently. That’s not accurate.

Article 13A.1 was proposed by the Working Group on Amendments to the International Health Regulations (WGIHR) on its first meeting in November 2022 (PDF). In fact, there were actually TWO proposed Article 13A.1.

New Article 13A WHO Led International Public Health Response

1. States Parties recognize WHO as the guidance and coordinating authority of international public
health response during public health Emergency of International Concern and undertake to follow
WHO’s recommendations in their international public health response.

New Article 13A: Access to Health Products, Technologies and Know-How for Public Health Response

1. Immediately after the determination of a public health emergency of international concern under
Article 12, the Director General shall make an immediate assessment of availability and affordability
of required health products and make recommendations, including an allocation mechanism, to avoid
any potential shortages of health products and technologies pursuant to Article 15 or 16 as

Both of the proposed Article 13A additions never made it to the zero draft of the WHO Pandemic Treaty that was released on 1 February 2023 – over a year ago! Even in the later June 2023 draft (PDF) did not mention Article 13A.

So why would anyone bring up Article 13A, or wave its removal as some kind of victory, when it was never even included in the initial draft agreement???

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WHO Pandemic Treaty generic

Fact #4 : WHO Pandemic Treaty Does Not Affect Sovereignty!

If you download and read the zero draft, or any of the Pandemic Treaty’s draft agreements, you will realise that WHO Member States will continue to have the right to “determine and manage” their own healthcare initiatives, including how to tackle future pandemics!

In fact, the issue of sovereignty was addressed at least three times in the latest April 2024 draft:

… reaffirming the principle of sovereignty of States in addressing public health matters,

Recalling the sovereign right of States over their biological resources…

… the sovereign right of States to adopt, legislate and implement legislation, within their jurisdiction, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, the WHO Constitution and the principles of international law, and their sovereign rights over their biological resources;

Only those who did not read any of the draft agreements will remain unaware that the WHO Pandemic Treaty would not affect any country’s sovereignty!

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Was WHO just forced to abandon Pandemic Treaty?!

Fact #5 : The People’s Voice Is Known For Fake News

The People’s Voice is the current name for NewsPunch, which possibly changed its name because its brand has been so thoroughly discredited after posting numerous shocking but fake stories.

Founded as Your News Wire in 2014, it was rebranded as NewsPunch in November 2018, before becoming The People’s Voice. A 2017 BuzzFeed report identified NewsPunch as the second-largest source of popular fake news on Facebook that year.

Its articles have been regularly debunked as fake news, so you should never share anything from NewsPunch / The People’s Voice.  Here are some of its fake stories that I fact checked earlier:

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