Why There Are No Female Minions

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Everyone LOVES the Minions, well, except for a certain drama queen who tackled a child dressed as a Minion and then tweeted about it… They are just so KEWT, aren’t they? But have you ever wondered why there are no female Minions?

No, this is NOT a female Minion… just a Minion with a wig and a dress. 😀

Why are there no female Minions?
Why are there no female Minions?

Whether they have one eye, or two eyes, Minions are universally male. They also wear metal goggles – indubitably due to union rules, but I digress… The point is – they are ALL MALE. Why??? Here’s a hint… 😀

Why are there no female Minions? Because I'm with stupid!
Why are there no female Minions? Because I’m with stupid!

Still don’t get it? Their creator, Pierre Coffin, recently revealed the reason in an interview with The Wrap. The French animator said,

“Seeing how dumb and stupid they often are, I just couldn’t imagine Minions being girls.”


Yes, Jerry, you have no female friends because Pierre does not think that girls would make very good Minions… 🙁

So if you want love, you guys will have to look outside of your own species, which should not be a problem since you guys are just so kewt!

Minions looking for love!
Minions looking for love!


What Do Experts Think?

Samantha Ettus at Forbes actually asked FOUR experts to weigh in on the “impact” of having no female Minions. Check out what these “Minions experts” have to say :

Too commonly girls’ sense of their potential is constricted because they see so few appealing characters in films who they identify with and want to be.  And too often boys’ views and understanding of girls is narrow and impoverished because they see such a limited range of girls.

– Richard Weissbourd, child and family psychologist on the faculty of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and School of Education

Media is the most persuasive force shaping cultural norms: what we value and whose stories are worth telling. These messages shape how children see themselves and the world. It’s imperative that we represent our population equally and show that everyone has value. By only having male minions, it underscores the idea that women and girls aren’t important or interesting.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Founder and CEO of The Representation Project

No female minions is the movie equivalent of referring to a coed group as ‘guys.’ It is insidious, flies under the radar, and has huge impact. The same happens when cartoon characters are all male, especially if they are popular. It is well studied that the inadvertent effect is that girls are not ________ enough. Fill in the blank- fun, smart active, brave…

– Dr. JoAnn Deak, educator, psychologist and author of How Girls Thrive

The response that the creator can’t see female minions being “that dumb or stupid” seems odd at best, but can’t they just be silly, zany, or funny instead? Removing them all together sends the wrong message to kids. Even the Smurfs had the “voice of reason” w/ Smurfette! And that was the 80′s.

– Dr. Carol Langlois, Author of Girl Talk: Boys, Bullies and Body Image

So saying that girls are smarter than boys is bad for both boys and girls? Jeezzz… There’s just no satisfying you guys, is there?


What Do The Minions Think?

Minionese for “fun” is “boy“, or maybe… “boy” is “fun”…. we forget. But that’s why we have fun ALL THE TIME! Sometimes, we don’t even know it until it happens. We are always boisterous, zany, spontaneous, crazy, “invincible”, just plain nuts, and oh, did we mention crazy? 😀

Fire marshal Minion : Bee Doo Bee Doo!
Fire marshal Minion : Bee Doo Bee Doo!

How can you not like us? We love to live dangerously, which is why we enjoy lobbing snowballs, grenades, rockets and the occasional Gru Industries smart bomb.

Minions LOVE bombs!
Minions LOVE bombs!

Can you not love us? No, you can’t. 😀

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