Why woman on treadmill did not die suddenly from vaccine!

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A video of a woman collapsing after running on a treadmill has gone viral.

Take a look at the viral video, and find out why she did not die from the COVID-19 vaccine!


Claim : Woman On Treadmill Died Suddenly From Vaccine!

People are sharing a video of a woman collapsing after running on a treadmill, claiming or suggesting that she just died suddenly from the COVID-19 vaccine!

DiedSuddenly : Welcome to the new normal.

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Truth : Woman On Treadmill Did Not Die Suddenly From Vaccine!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS circulating on X (formerly Twitter), and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Video Was Recorded In China

Let me start by pointing out that the video was recorded on 9 May 2023, in Guangzhou, China. It is important to note that China exclusively uses its own COVID-19 vaccines, instead of Western vaccines.

These Chinese COVID-19 vaccines are based on older technologies – the most common are the Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines, which use old inactivated virus vaccine technology that some anti-vaccine proponents claim are “much safer” than mRNA vaccines used in Western countries.

The truth is – all approved COVID-19 vaccines have successfully completed their clinical trials, proving that they are both safe and effective. They also continue to be monitored for safety and efficacy.

Fact #2 : The Woman Did Not Die

I should also point out that that the unnamed woman did not die. The woman actually regain her composure within two minutes of resting on the floor. So claims that she “died suddenly” are false.

Fact #3 : The Woman Had Low Blood Sugar

In that incident, a gym fitness coach who was passing by noticed that the woman was unsteady on the treadmill. He quickly stepped in to support and guide her off the treadmill to sit down on the floor. The video cuts off at that point.

It was revealed later that the woman was exercising on an empty stomach, leading to a drop in her blood sugar level. She recovered her composure within two minutes of resting.

The fitness coach, who was identified as Mr. Liu, advised people to maintain a balanced diet, and engage in appropriate exercise for safer and more effective workouts.

The incident was even covered by USA Today (source) on 25 May 2023.

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Fact #4 : Unknown If Woman Was Vaccinated Against COVID-19

While China has a high COVID-19 vaccination rate of just over 87%, it was not mandatory. That’s why a significant percentage of the population – just under 13% remain unvaccinated.

It is unknown if the woman on the treadmill was vaccinated against COVID-19. People who claim that the woman in the video was vaccinated against COVID-19 certainly offered no evidence.

Fact #5 : COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Appear Within Days

Even if the woman on the treadmill was fully-vaccinated against COVID-19, it does not mean she suffered any vaccine side effect. After all, she would have received her doses more than two years ago!

She cannot possibly be suffering from a vaccine side effect, because they appear within hours or days, not many months later.

Mild side effects like injection site pain, fever, muscle ache, headache, lethargy develop within minutes to hours of the vaccination.

Anaphylaxis develops within minutes, while other severe adverse reactions like myocarditis and VITT develop within days or weeks.

The spike proteins produced by the COVID-19 vaccines also do not stick around for months. If these spike proteins are permanent (as antivaxxers claim), we would have lifelong immunity.

Your own immune system will identify the spike proteins as foreign, and destroy them within a matter of days, although some may last for up to a few weeks. This is part of how vaccines teach your immune system to identify the enemy and destroy it.

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Fact #6 : People Have Collapsed Long Before COVID-19 Vaccines!

While anti-vaccine activists often claim that such collapses have never, or rarely, happened, before the COVID-19 vaccines were introduced, that’s really not true.

People have been collapsing for all sorts of reasons – hypotension, hypoglycaemia, vasovagal syncope, prolonged standing, dehydration, seizures, etc.

In fact, the infamous Died Suddenly movie actually showcased people who collapsed even though they were not vaccinated against COVID-19!

  • Florida Gators star, Keynote Johnson, who collapsed during a basketball game
  • Austrian journalist, Rosa Lyon, who collapsed on TV three months before COVID-19 was discovered!

Fact #7 : Many Deaths + Collapses Had Nothing To Do With Vaccines!

In addition, many people whose collapses and deaths were blamed on the COVID-19 vaccine were actually unvaccinated.

  • Footballer Christian Eriksen was unvaccinated when he collapsed during a game
  • Ohio Republican rep Kris Jordan died suddenly even though he was unvaccinated, and anti-vaccine.
  • Celebrity Aaron Carter was unvaccinated when he suddenly died in his bathtub.
  • Actress Kirstie Alley whose death was blamed on “turbo cancer” was unvaccinated.
  • MMA fighter Stephan Bonnar whose sudden death was blamed on vaccines, was unvaccinated and died from a drug overdose.
  • Canadian musician Shane Macaulay is unvaccinated and anti-vaccine, but had his viral seizure blamed on COVID-19 vaccines!

There are other examples, but you get the drift – it’s best not to blame the COVID-19 vaccine for every single collapse, injury, or death.

The truth is – tens of billions of COVID-19 vaccine doses have already been administered worldwide, and they have proven to be safe and effective for the vast majority of people who took them.

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