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How To Fix WRONG HSO + PUS Status In MySejahtera!

How To Fix WRONG HSO + PUS Status In MySejahtera!

MySejahtera WRONGLY issued Home Surveillance Orders (HSO) and Person Under Surveillance (PUS) status, causing chaos for users.

That was fixed for many people, but not all. Here was what you can do if your HSO / PUS status persists…


Chaos As MySejahtera WRONGLY Issued HSO + PUS Status!

Overnight, MySejahtera suddenly issued people with Home Surveillance Orders (HSO) and/or gave them Person Under Surveillance (PUS) status.

This was a BIG PROBLEM because those who received them would be BARRED from leaving their homes. And if they have a flight scheduled that day, they would be barred from flying.

Many people who received them expressed their shock online, especially when they did not travel recently.


Good News : MySejahtera HSO + PUS Bug Fixed!

Fortunately, the MySejahtera team managed to get the bug fixed, which they announced at 8:49 AM.

The incorrect Home Surveillance Orders and Person Under Surveillance status were all rescinded.

Good morning everyone – we apologise for the error on our part which allowed random users’ to be given HSOs/PUS status.

We have fixed the root cause which allowed this to happen. All incorrect HSOs have been deleted, and incorrect PUS status reverted.


What If Your MySejahtera Still Shows Incorrect HSO / PUS?

In the event that your MySejahtera app still shows the incorrect HSO or PUS notification, here are some steps you can try :

Option 1 : Log Into MySejahtera Again

The easiest thing you can try is to log off MySejahtera, and log back in again.

Option 2 : Clear MySejahtera App Cache

If you know how to clear the MySejahtera app cache, you can try that too :

Option 3 : Reinstall MySejahtera

If you don’t know how to clear the app cache, it will be simpler to just reinstall MySejahtera :

Option 4 : Ask To Redo Health Assessment

The last option you can try is to ask to redo your health assessment using Helpdesk

You should get a notification to redo your health assessment within an hour.


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