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The Unsung Heroes Of The Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic!

The threat of the Wuhan coronavirus has created a truly special group of unsung heroes who put their lives at risk, to save the lives of millions of people in China.

Here are nine posters that showcase some of the brave men and women who chose to run towards danger to save others.


The Unsung Heroes Of The Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic!

These posters were created by an unknown Chinese person, from different photos shared on social media.


This mother who is in the army apologises to her daughter for not spending Chinese New Year with her, and promises that she’ll return home safely.


This is Zhong Nanshan, an 84-year-old world-renowned epidemiologist, who discovered and fought SARS in 2003.

He advises everyone to stay away from Wuhan, but chose to go to Wuhan to help fight the disease.


This lady is an army medical officer on her way back to see her daughter for Chinese New Year. When told that she was needed at Wuhan, she turned back immediately to help.

The marks on her face are imprints from wearing her protective gear for long periods of time.

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This man shares an emotional farewell with his wife, before he leaves to help fight the virus. They are both aware that he will be risking his life.

6,000 healthcare workers like him have been mobilised to fight the Wuhan coronavirus, all experiencing the same dreaded farewell.


This nurse willingly shaved her entire head to reduce the risk that her hair might help spread particles of the virus throughout her hospital. This is true beauty.


This male nurse’s hand is wrinkled from hours of being enclosed in a glove.

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Sleeping Together

Doctors and nurses huddle together after 24 hours of fighting the virus together. They only have a short time to rest before they need to get back to their stations.

A Duty To Protect

This doctor just found out that his colleague has been infected by the Wuhan coronavirus whilst on duty. He only has a moment to shed a tear before resuming his duties.


This team of doctors and nurses gets a thumbs up from their patient. Even though he knows he’s not cured yet, he’s encouraging the medical staff and thanking them for their effort.


The Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic Heroes : Support Them!

For those of us who are sitting comfortably and safely in our homes, far away from Wuhan, we can show our support for these heroes by :


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