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The Zota Tissue Paper Tablet Scare – The Truth & Facts!

The Zota tissue paper tablet video is making people worry about fake medicine made from tissue paper! While that video is GENUINE, the truth is quite bizarre!

We will share with you the truth and facts about the Zota tissue paper tablet scare!


The Zota Tissue Paper Tablet Scare

The video, recorded in India, showed a man peeling a large Zota medical tablet apart to reveal that it was made from tissue paper.

He then showed himself taking out another tablet from the Zota strip, and pulling it apart into another piece of tissue paper.

Because the man spoke in the Oriya language, most people do not know what he actually said. However, the Internet being the Internet – the video went viral anyway.

People not only shared it, they claimed that it was evidence of unscrupulous people selling fake medicine made from tissue paper.


The Zota Tissue Paper Tablet Truth & Facts!

After investigating this claim, we found that the video is actually genuine. However, the truth is not what it seems.

To help you understand what really happened, we created this special video to debunk the fake stories about the Zota tissue paper tablet.

If you prefer to read, here is a summary of the Zota tissue paper tablet scare and the truth :

So while the video is true, it is NOT evidence of doctors or unscrupulous people selling fake medicine made out of tissue paper.


More On The Tissue Paper Tablet

The tissue paper tablet is also known as a towel tablet, tablet napkin, coin tissue paper, coin towel, and so on.

They are usually made from viscose rayon, which is generally derived from the cellulose of plants like soy, bamboo or sugarcane.

When you add water to it, the tissue paper tablet expands to a wet towel that is typically about 26 cm x 20 cm.

Although these compressed fibre towels look like medical tablets and even shipped in strips like real medicine, they are really too big to swallow – an important safety feature!

They are popular as gag gifts, because of what they look like. But because they are so small, they are popular with frequent travellers.


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