Zuma’s Revenge Is Now FREE!

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We Malaysians always say, “Got kangtao, must share lah!“. That roughly means “You must share whatever special deals you know!” to non-Malaysians. Today, we have a new kangtaoa free copy of Zuma’s Revenge. It is yours to own, download and play forever and ever and ever… ūüėÄ


What Is Zuma’s Revenge?

You never heard of Zuma’s Revenge???¬†It’s a ball blasting¬†version of a tower defence game by PopCap, bro… Except that there is only one “tower” with a bunch of coloured balls rolling pass you.

To win, just keep the “enemy” balls from reaching their destination by shooting your own coloured ball to destroy balls of the same colour! So simple, right? Even kids will easily get the hang of it.

Zuma's Revenge Is Now Free!
Zuma’s Revenge Is Now Free!


What’s The Catch?

There is no catch lah… It’s free for you to own, download and play forever and ever. Seriously, bro.

You only need to register an account with Origin Insider to “tie”¬†this game with it. You don’t even have to download it right away. Once it’s tied to your account, it’s yours forever and ever.

Just go to¬†http://o.ea.com/40448¬†and add it to your account (if you have already registered with Origin), or create a new account to add Zuma’s Revenge.

We have no idea how long this offer lasts, so hurry and get it while it’s still on!

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